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Summary of Activities

Summary of Activities

Summary of Activities


1. The SOKEIZAI Month

As a catalyst in "Making the Sokeizai.Industry More Active" and "Making the Sokeizai More Popular", the Sokeizai Month was Launched in 1995, hosted by the Sokeizai Month Promotion Council (the first chairperson was Akihiro Arima, Director of the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research) and supported by relevant industries and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (the former MITI). November is chosen as the Sokeizai Month, in which a variety of Sokeizai events are held.

Events regularly held by the Sokeizai Center are described below.

(1) Ceremony
(2) Awards
Sokeizai Industry Technology Award
Sokeizai Industry Environmental Friendly Factory Award
Sokeizai Industry Employee Award
Manufacturing Collaboration Award

2. Training Courses

(1) Practical Sokeizai Technology Courses
(2) Broad Based Technical Training Courses for Small and Medium Companies
(3) Sokeizai Technology Forum

3. Technological Survey and Research & Development

Sokeizai technologies must always be seen to be evolving and modernizing not only to address a diversity of user needs and the development of competitive technologies but also to respond to the advance of information technologies and to reflect the requirements of the environment and energy conservation. The Center conducts a survey of R&D activity of sokeizai technologies with the aim of improving and developing technical expertise in the industry.

(1) Surveying and Studying Leading Edge Technologies
(2) Fundamental Survey Reinforcing the Sokeizai Technological Base
(3) R&D Projects

4. Overseas Activities

(1) Making Inroads into Foreign Markets
(2) Technical Cooperation

5. Collecting and Providing Information

(1) Monthly Bulletin "SOKEIZAI"
This monthly bulletin describes Current sokeizai projects in Japan and abroad. The April and January Issues ran features covering the "Sokeizai Industry and Engineering Almanac" and the "New Japanese Sokeizai (Sokeizai Show in the Magazine)", respectively.

(2) Japanese and English SOKEIZAI Yearbooks
These yearbooks contain comprehensive statistical information on casting, forging, metal stamping, powder metallurgy, etc. and have been published since 1985. The English edition is translation of the main content of the Japanese SOKEIZAI Yearbook. Prior to the reorganization of the Center, the Casting Yearbook was issued from 1967.

(3) Publication (Research and Survey Reports)
The Center publishes research and survey reports about technological and overseas projects that have been conducted.

6. Other Activities

(1) Regional Exchange Forums
(2) Web Site
(3) Mail Magagine


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